Select the size of your yard to find the pricing package that's right for you.

0 - 49 Horses

£ 25
per month*

50 - 74 Horses

£ 45
per month*

75 - 99 Horses

£ 65
per month*

100+ Horses

£ 95
per month*

Includes Multi-Yard Feature

*Excludes VAT

All packages come with a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL so you can make sure our solution is right for you and your business

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account. Once set up someone from Yard Online will be in touch to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Multi-Yard Feature:

  • Quickly and easily create ONE Riding Out Board for all yards.
  • Each yard can choose to see the entire board or information specific to their location.
  • Horses can be filtered by location when creating your board.
  • Included in the 100+ horses package or available as an add on to other packages for £5 (exc. VAT)

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